Tech Data Bring New Integrated Approach

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Tech Data UK has been appointed as UK distributor for the new range of Nokia B2B smartphones from Microsoft’s Devices Group. The distributor will bring these solutions together with Microsoft to deliver an integrated approach to the use of mobile devices in business.

The new Lumia with Windows Phone devices are designed and built to support the use of cloud-based applications within a fully-integrated mobile business network. They present Microsoft partners with the opportunity to include mobile telephony devices as part of a complete solutions approach that enables optimum flexibility for organisations.

With many businesses looking to overhaul their mobile and software strategies, the new Nokia range presents a particularly good opportunity, said Peter Hubbard, Managing Director of Tech Data Mobile.

“Organisations are looking at new approaches to meet the expansive needs and expectations of today’s ultra-mobile workers. With extended support ending for Windows Server 2003 and Small Business Server 2003 in a year’s time [July 2015], customers are reviewing their software strategy too, and many are actively looking at Office 365 and other cloud applications. They need to, because users are demanding a more flexible approach – and want to access data and apps on all kinds of devices.

“The arrival of Microsoft’s new devices range is the perfect opportunity to open up a conversation around mobility strategy with customers. Given the chance to use the very latest Windows-based smartphones and mobile devices from Microsoft, businesses are going to respond positively. They will do that because it means full integration and full compatibility with existing systems. It will also pave the way for a smooth migration to a hybrid infrastructure that delivers total mobility and gives users the freedom to use all kinds of devices and to access data at all times. Today that not only is expected, but essential.”

For Microsoft’s partner resellers, being able to provide a fully-integrated mobility solution to customers extends the opportunity beyond laptops and tablets to the smartphone platform. This will also extend the potential for licensing and added-value sales, Hubbard added. “Resellers can now meet the Microsoft needs of their customers, end-to-end. That’s going to help boost revenues from licensing and services as well as product sales, and bring the reseller and the customer even closer together.”

There will also be transition management and consulting opportunities and with cloud-based solutions, a continuing annual revenue stream, he noted.

Howard Spragg, Account Director at Microsoft’s Devices Group said: “We have strong ambitions for our Lumia devices in the B2B market and we’re delighted to welcome Tech Data UK to partner with us in order to achieve our ambitions together.”

Tech Data UK will be stocking the complete Nokia Lumia family of Windows devices, including the 630, 635, 930, 1320, and 1520 smartphone and tablet solutions.