Tech Data launches equipment trade-in calculator

Tech Data has launched a new tool that allows partners to generate instant indicative quotes for customers on the potential value of used or end-of-life equipment.

The Quick Quote Trade-in calculator is available to partners on Tech Data’s InTouch e-commerce platform. The only information needed to generate a trade-in quote is the name of the device and memory capacity. This will provide an indicative offer almost immediately.

Tech Data said the tool should help make new purchases more attractive and affordable, as well as helping sustainability goals through encouraging customers to trade-in devices. All traded-in devices are either recycled or refurbished, and data is securely wiped, so nothing goes to waste and customers are fully protected.

Mark Glasspool, services director, UK and Ireland, Tech Data (pictured), said, “Our trade-in services are really popular and growing fast – and the Quick Quote Trade-in calculator makes it an even easier and more attractive option. You can get an indicative quote in seconds, which is ideal if you are having a live conversation with a customer or need to build an outline quote as quickly as you can.

“As well as saving money, everyone wants to reduce our impact on the planet. Partners are already giving customers value on their aged and unused devices and knowing that their old devices will go back into the circular economy and have a second life – or be ethically and properly recycled – is an additional and very attractive bonus.”

There is no minimum quantity for trade-ins and, following the initial quote, it is a straightforward process to get the quote confirmed. The trade-in calculator button appears in both the product search and on the product description page of Tech Data’s InTouch e-commerce system.

Tech Data already trades in around 6,000 devices every month and while many of these devices are smartphones, the company also offers recycling and refurbishment options for all kinds of mobile devices, desktop PCs and peripherals, and for servers and storage equipment.