Tech Data unveils access management offerings

Tech Data has launched a new identity and access management as a service (IAMaaS) offering. The company said this will enable partners to offer a managed service to their customers without having to develop their own capabilities or make significant up-front investments.

The Tech Data IAMaaS service offering uses of tried and tested identify and access management services provided by industry partners. It offers protection in three key areas – access management, identity governance and administration, and privileged access management.

The offering provides a set of practice frameworks and technologies for the establishment of secure access and to ensure privileged access and administrator activities are always secure, audited, and fully under control. Azure Active Directory acts as the foundation of the technology.

Alison Nixon, director, security, advanced solutions, UK and Ireland, Tech Data, said, “Identity and access management is right on the front line of enterprise digital defences and should be a critical element of every organisation’s security posture.

“But many customers don’t have a policy or a solution in place – and many partners do not have the in-house skills and capabilities to manage IAM for their customers and deliver the right outcomes. Our service breaks that impasse, providing our partners with a managed IAM service that they and their customers can trust.”

Tech Data said the offering will allow its partners to respond to the growing threat from cybercriminals and the shift to hybrid working practices. Those two shifts have made the management of identities and network access a much greater challenge for organisations.