Tekelec Introduces Integrated LTE Solutions

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Tekelec, the mobile broadband solutions company, has successfully integrated its session, policy, performance and subscriber data management products into new LTE solutions.

In a previously announced win with a tier-one North American Service Provider, Tekelec integrated its Home Subscriber Server (HSS) address resolution database with its market-leading Diameter Signaling Router (DSR). This allows the service provider to scale LTE services by routing Diameter messages to the appropriate HSS in the network.

“LTE network build-outs present new challenges that require innovative solutions as operators add subscribers and network capacity to meet the exponential demand for mobile broadband services,” said Joe McGarvey, principal analyst at industry research firm Current Analysis. “Tekelec’s strategy is to replicate its 2G and 3G network successes in LTE by simplifying and streamlining complex network architectures to enable network scalability, flexibility and reliability.”

Tekelec’s LTE products include the Home Subscriber Server which serves as the central authentication and mobility management point in LTE Evolved Packet Core and IMS networks, and supports the latest 3GPP standards, including Idle-Mode Signaling Reduction. The HSS is an application on Tekelec’s Subscriber Data Server, which also includes the Subscriber Profile Repository (SPR), the Equipment Identity Register (EIR), the next-generation Home Location Register (ngHLR) and an HLR-proxy to ensure seamless 3G/LTE services and device management.

Diameter Signaling Router, which scales and manages services and applications in LTE core networks for hundreds of millions of subscribers. The DSR centralizes routing, traffic management and load-balancing tasks associated with Diameter traffic.

Policy Server, a Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) that integrates with the HSS and acts as the brain for policy coordination, dynamic bandwidth control, charging, consumption and other factors for a subscriber’s entire data session.

Performance Intelligence Center (PIC), a performance management system that converts network traffic information into useful business intelligence for service providers to improve the customer experience. The PIC integrates with the DSR to eliminate the need for additional probes and network elements to analyze how subscribers are using IP-enabled devices and applications. In addition, Tekelec added the PIC troubleshooting features to the core DSR platform to continuously monitor the DSR’s performance.

Each of these products runs on Tekelec’s EAGLE XG middleware platform, built to meet the core network scalability needs of the world’s largest networks.

“As service providers evolve to LTE, they are discovering new revenue opportunities and architectural hurdles,” said Ron de Lange, president and CEO at Tekelec. “Tekelec’s innovative, integrated LTE solutions are helping our customers scale their networks to deliver advanced, revenue-generating LTE services.”