Telecom Solutions Build Communications Infrastructure At Fulcrum

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Reseller Telecom Solutions International has supplied a ShoreTel solution to Fulcrum Consulting, the international multi-disciplinary consulting engineers.

“We have an ongoing relationship with Telecom Solutions International as our supplier of IT equipment. We were looking to upgrade our comms system and were introduced to various IP offerings, including Avaya by Telecom Solutions International. We decided on ShoreTel’s solution because of the future-proof nature of the system and the durable and technically superior hardware,” said David Glanville, IT manager, Fulcrum Consulting. “The quality of calls is excellent and the degree of integration with desktop systems and general functionality has been welcomed by our users. The system also boasts central administration so there is a lot less traffic coming in to the IT department from the various locations.”

Fulcrum Consulting employs 65 full time staff across three locations in London, Edinburgh, and Madrid, with more facilities being acquired during 2006. “A third of the workforce is field-based and they now have the ability to work more efficiently whilst on the road - maximising the Office Anywhere functionality, so they can check their voicemails and emails at once, reducing their deskbound time.

“ShoreTel’s offering is designed from the bottom up and not shoehorned into being the latest thing,” said Kenneth Rausch, Managing Director, Telecom Solutions International. “ShoreTel offers a unique distributed network solution that successfully satisfies both of the customer conflicting requirements, value-for-money, and resilience through superior product quality and design”

“Our products are best suited to multi-site businesses that want the benefits of an IP telephony system in a package tailored to their needs, at a price point which fits into their budget,” said Geoff Gudgion, MD, EMEA. “Our partners enable customers to take advantage of ShoreTel’s stellar ease-of-use and exceptional functionality while being able to scale as their businesses grow.”