TeleWare Launches Fully-Converged Business Mobile Network

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TeleWare, the provider of communications solutions for mobile and distributed workers, today announced the launch of TeleWare Mobile, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that will offer a range of unique, high value services specifically designed for business use. TeleWare Mobile is the first mobile network to deliver true convergence of fixed and mobile networks with a seamless core for both Fixed and Mobile calls and data.

“In the UK, mobile phone use has overtaken fixed lines but businesses still rely on fixed line telephone systems and fixed line numbers,” explains Steve Haworth, CEO of TeleWare Group Plc. “As any business that has tried to integrate mobile phones into a calling strategy will agree, it can get very complex and rack up huge calling charges as calls move from fixed to mobile and between carriers.”

“TeleWare Mobile is the first service designed from the ground up to combine all the usual features of a modern national mobile phone network with the typical business requirements offered by a modern telephony solution. Because we control the complete end-to-end call experience as well as the software applications that interact with any call and associated data, we can create a whole host of unique and highly valuable services.”

TeleWare Mobile provides an innovative new approach that delivers a business communication solution using one number, one bill, one device without the high bills, unused minutes and complex device management of legacy solutions on the market today. TeleWare Mobile provides control, connectivity, integration of applications and more, using virtually any mobile device. All business calls, both fixed and mobile are switched and routed through one core with the business in control of how that call should be processed.

Haworth highlights examples of the power of the TeleWare Mobile Service. For example, today, without installing any on-site hardware or mobile phone clients, staff could have a single contact number with calls routed to their company’s PBX then passed on to their mobile phone without any additional diverts, the mobile simply becomes an extension of the PBX.

Another example could be an international company that is able to route calls between staff working in different countries using the company WAN and treat them as 1p a minute call or even a free VoIP call.

Features like in-network call recording, call encryption, Push-To-Talk and a host of other applications can be provided by the TeleWare Mobile service as calls are effectively treated as ‘processes’ as they pass through the TeleWare network layer.

“These are just a few examples of the power of the technology as, once you have both the mobile and fixed network working together, the possibilities are fantastic and the benefits to businesses are huge,” explains Haworth, “These are not just hypothetical examples. We have projects underway with our community of 30 system integration partners that are in the process of delivering innovative telephony systems that solve unique challenges, dramatically improve customer service or significantly reduce costs.”

“We are able to achieve all three simply because we have the ability to control calls, data and applications from directly inside a single network and, as of today, we are the only Mobile Network in the UK to offer this level of service for business customers,” Haworth adds.

TeleWare Mobile uses a normal Subscriber Identity Module (SIM Card) which works with all leading mobile phone types, including any Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Symbian handset or pad device. The network offers full Voice, SMS and Data and supports roaming in 265 countries. TeleWare offers full number porting and provides a range of common core business applications and call routing options. TeleWare Mobile also integrates with standard geographic and non-geographic numbers as well as short code dialling, premium rate numbers and operator services. TeleWare Mobile interfaces with any SIP compliant PBX and has been tested with products from Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Panasonic and over 30 leading vendors.

“We are not competing for the consumer mass market or pay-as-you-go market,” explains Haworth, “We are only aiming at the 4 million UK businesses that need a better way to integrate an increasingly mobile workforce into a more effective communication strategy. TeleWare Mobile launches with a highly differentiated service and, over the next 12 months working closely with our partners, we will be announcing some truly revolutionary implementations at real world customers,” concluded Haworth.