Teleware Promise Instant Channel Revenues

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TeleWare, the provider of intelligent hosted and on-premise communication solutions to businesses and service providers, today announced the availability of an instant conferencing service on the TeleWare hosted services platform.

The company says instant conferencing can save time and money on expensive and frustrating journeys to and from meetings and can help you build and collaborate with your network, streamline your team-work within your company and encourage greater sharing of contacts, knowledge, resources and transactions.

“The new service is a win –win proposition,” said Peter Orr, Sales Director of TeleWare Group Plc. The conference call user in the business wins because they have no monthly charge, no booking fees, no pre-booking needed, no room set-up required, no bridge fees, no software to download onto their PC, and no limit to the number of people who can take part in their conference call. At the same time, the service provides TeleWare accredited resellers with the opportunity of a steady revenue stream of conference call minutes with no set up charges or platform deployment costs or considerations. There are also no billing considerations; when dialling on a UK landline, the caller will only have to pay the 10p a minute (excl VAT) national call rate (each caller is billed by his or her telephone service provider).

TeleWare is able to offer this open-ended, on-demand service because of the open and flexible nature of the platform used to deploy hosted services. The platform scalability is tremendous and, as a result, the need to place checks on the use of the system are reduced. The system is highly robust, simple to use and is available 24 hours a day with no need to book ahead, just give out the details to your contacts and your reference for the call.