Teleware Upgrades Hosted Wide Area Contact Centre Services

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Teleware, has released of a new version of its hosted Contact Centre service with the new features aimed at ease-of-use and flexibility while at the same time maintaining the low monthly costs that make this a viable solution for small contact centre teams.

This service is targeted at two specific market areas. Lesley Hansen, Group Marketing Director of TeleWare plc explains, “The service provides a cost effective alternative for the small and medium business where a contact centre’s basic capabilities to provide customer service are required but there is not the demand level or the cost model to encourage them to set up a large static call centre as found in some large corporations. In this situation, the ability to deploy a geographically dispersed contact centre, rapidly and without a large upfront capital expenditure, is provided by the hosted service.”

“Secondly,” added Hansen, “the product is ideal for teams of professionals in large corporations where group working is a part of their role and the expertise they have to offer means that ensuring the call gets to the right person quickly is key to customers’ satisfaction. For instance, a group of professionals serving a customer base on a flexible time and location basis.”

New features include

Web based wall boards for wide access to critical performance information by authorised users

Viewing of multiple teams in separate or cascading windows – this enables the supervisor to easily manage their teams.

Display locations and numbers for better team and location awareness by the supervisor.