Telrad Connegy Launch New Converged IP Communications Solutions

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Iridiacom, the Hertfordshire based Telrad Connegy distributor, has launched its new family of converged telecommunications solutions in the UK. The announcement follows the official unveiling of AdvanceIP earlier this month in New York.

The distributor says the AdvanceIP product represents the full convergence of VoIP and traditional voice communications and facilitates the integration of telephony and networking communications at the enterprise level.

“AdvanceIP solutions are suitable for any mid-size organization planning to capitalise on the IP revolution in telecommunications,” says Alan Doyle, Managing Director of Iridiacom. “The new generation Telrad Connegy solutions family incorporates a series of performance and stability improvements but retains the reliability and quality of digital telephony that Telrad has perfected over decades.”

AdvanceIP provides a range of networked applications including unified messaging, speech recognition, call recording, media blending and multi-party conferencing. The launch of AdvanceIP Release 3.10 in the UK enhances Iridiacom’s portfolio with expanded IP capabilities including, according to them, unlimited IP extension capacity based on multi TVSe Server support, along with private DPNSS IP Networking and SIP trunk support implemented using BOScom SIP gateways.

Alan Doyle continues, “Backward compatibility is one of the hallmarks of Telrad Connegy solutions and all previous versions of the hardware are supported by the new release, including narrow 6-slot cabinets. All hardware components, with the exception of MPD-128 cards, are upward-compatible. In addition, a new software version of the IPeX processor server in the AdvanceIP boosts capacity from 128 to 400 ports (extensions and trunks). Previous limitations to the number of IP extensions that can be connected to the system have been completely removed, the number of IP extensions it can now support being limited only by the availability of system resources.”

The AdvanceIP launch coincides with the release of Telrad’s new Avanti IP 3000D display phone and the Avanti SP 15 Softphone, a software telephone program for PC users, which can make/receive both VoIP calls and ordinary PSTN calls simultaneously via a USB handset providing complete Avanti station functionality over IP lines. Communication with the AdvanceIP system can take place through the LAN, VPN, ISP connection or modem dial-up.