The Logic Group and TFM Networks Partnership Reap Rewards

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Network operator TFM Networks and payments and loyalty processing managed service provider The Logic Group have reported on the success of their strategic channel partnership, which has resulted in over 50 major customer deployments to date.

The joint venture offers customers an end-to-end processing managed service, removing the need for companies taking card-based payments or loyalty schemes to deploy and manage their own secure network. Instead TFM Networks provides a private managed network which guarantees the secure transfer of payment data, ensuring companies handling confidential payment card data remain within the PCI:DSS parameters.

Being able to offer an end-to-end service has strengthened The Logic Group’s business proposition, helping it to increase value to its customers and enabling both companies to break into new markets.

According to The Logic Group, it is this ability to offer customers in sectors such as Financial Services, Retail and Leisure complete, reliable and secure payments and loyalty processing services through a single point of contact that has ensured the success of the partnership and enabled the companies to win new business.

“All too often, managed service providers put the burden back on the customer to securely transfer customer data over the Internet,” said Paul Russell, Product Marketing Manager at The Logic Group. “By providing a private managed network, we can ensure fast, reliable and secure customer and payment data acquiry so, streamlining and simplifying processes for the customer.”

Brett Rowe, sales and marketing director at TFM Networks added: “A key advantage of the partnership is that we are able to provide a more complete and therefore more compelling business proposition. The guarantee of real-time authorisation gives customers the reassurance that payments are handled quickly and securely and that PCI requirements, in terms of the transfer of data, are adhered to automatically.

“It’s this reassurance and added value that have proven so popular with customers – it makes their life easier, knowing that a professionally managed service is in place to meet mission-critical business requirements.”

TFM Networks provides private managed networks to around 90% of The Logic Group’s client base, which covers the financial services, retail, leisure, utilities and telecoms sectors.