Titan Telecom signs 20,000th Customer

Manchester based telecoms firm Titan Telecom has reached the milestone mark of signing up 20,000 business customers.

This milestone has been reached by Titan Telecoms expanding network of sales partners who come from a wide range of backgrounds including telecom consultancies, utility brokers, mobile phone brokers and contact centres.

Alex Heslip, Head of Titan Telecom Sales, commented “Titan Telecom continues to offer the most attractive proposition to both our customers and our sales partners. I’m very pleased with the continued interest I am receiving, Titan Telecom has become recognised as the partner of choice for sales companies.”

“With the cheapest prices and a lowest price guarantee, our product continues to be the easiest to sell telecommunications product available in the UK and I invite any interested sales partners to contact me to take advantage of our offer. We are aiming to sign our 25,000th customer by the end of 2010.”