Tollring unveils Scam Protect

1 min read Telephony
Tollring has launched a new cloud-based solution to help telecoms providers to reduce risk from scam calls, protect their network and customers, and meet regulatory obligations.

Scam Protect gives calling platform providers an easy and quick way to identify and protect against scam calls. It uses intelligent algorithms to analyse call traffic, identify irregularities and spot potential fraudulent activity. Downloadable data enables CSPs to block future calls from designated A-Party CLIs and prevent future recurrences.

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring, said, “Scam calls are a blight on families and businesses, with scammers becoming ever more sophisticated and threatening. The cost is huge, both on a personal level and financially. And now with more people working from home and more telephony conversations taking place across IP networks, the demand for protection is growing.

“We are helping providers to take control of call traffic as they face mounting pressure from customers and regulators to mitigate the problem.  Whilst this is all about protecting customers, it is also about protecting the brand reputation of those delivering services.”

Scam Protect is a platform-agnostic system and has the ability to monitor millions of endpoints. It uses comprehensive behaviour profiling based on the latest scam calling intelligence to provide insight into the call traffic on a network. It detects, reports and alerts on call traffic so that providers can understand their exposure, enhance their own rules and tolerance thresholds, and take action.