Trend Communications Launches 6 New Fibre Optic Testers

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With increasing customer demands for test products, in a rapidly expanding sector of optical fibre-based telecommunications, Trend has announced the introduction of a new range of six Fibre Optic testers to complement its existing product line.

The new products include Optical Power Meters, Attenuators and Multimeters which are simpler and far lower in cost than the premium versions hitherto supplied, new Laser Sources, Fibre Identifiers and Fault Locators, and a PON Power Meter.

-The Fibre Identifier is an essential installation and maintenance tool used to identify power and traffic direction in jacketed or bare fibre without service interruption. The clamp design allows the tester to detect light in the fibre without damage or disconnection and with low bending loss.

-The Visual Fault Locator is used for the location of faults in single-mode and multi-mode fibres using light in the visible spectrum to reveal bad connections, fibre breaks and excessive bending in jacketed or bare fibre.

-The Optical Light Sources are simple to use transmitters that can be used in conjunction with other types of test equipment, such as power meters and fibre identifiers, to test fibre optic cables. There are three types in the range to cater for up to four different wavelengths, on Single Mode and Multimode fibre.

-The Optical Power Meter is a simple to use instrument that can be used to measure the output power from optical equipment or, in conjunction with other types of test equipment, such as laser sources, to test fibre optic cables.

-The Optical Multimeter combines the functions of a Laser Source and a Power Meter into a single simple to use instrument used to test fibre optic cables and equipment.

-The PON Power Meter is an optical power meter optimized for use in Passive Optical Networks (PONs), increasingly used to implement point-to-multipoint Fibre to The Premises (FTTx) installations.