UiPath launches new partner enablement strategy with Academy

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UiPath has announced a new partner enablement strategy designed to extend the company’s advanced training platform for its partners. The cornerstone of this strategy is the launch of UiPath Academy for Partners that allows partners to customise their approach to enablement, achieve profitability, and establish differentiation in the market.

The new approach further democratises access to UiPath training and delivers the same curriculum to both UiPath partner teams and UiPath employees through a user-friendly site. Partners will now be able to access a significantly expanded set of materials, including product training, solution guides, presentation decks, and more. This role-based content enables partners to personalise how they engage and leverage resources with UiPath in order to best meet their needs and to continue winning in the marketplace. The scaled enablement approach means that partners have always-on access to timely, relevant content that grows their expertise and improves their ability to drive business outcomes.

The new UiPath Academy for Partners includes the following benefits to partners:

•Greatly improved partner learning experience: Partners can access a much deeper library of materials directly from the existing Business Partner Portal, in a new, more user-friendly learning space. The library will span the full breadth of the UiPath end-to-end platform for hyperautomation, including the recently introduced UiPath Explorer for process discovery and recording, UiPath Process Gold for process mining, UiPath Apps to engage multiple business users, and UiPath Insights for enhanced performance dashboards.

•Enhanced enablement opportunities: Partners will be provided with additional tools to help them engage more effectively with customers and close deals more quickly.

•More timely access to product announcements and launch training: Partners will be able to enroll in the same product training modules that the UiPath sales, presales, and delivery teams enroll in—at the same time.

Dr. Adam Bujak, vice president and global head of intelligent automation at Capgemini, said, “Capgemini has been a global partner of UiPath since 2015 and a power-user of UiPath Academy since its launch in 2017. The user friendliness and rich content of the new UiPath Academy for Partners makes this an invaluable tool and source of knowledge for our team around the world.”

The training site is built into UiPath’s previously launched Business Partner Portal, which houses all the tools, support, and resources that partners need to be successful. UiPath leverages portal analytics and a regular feedback loop to stay aligned to partner needs. This visibility into partner progression and their level of competency allows UiPath to prioritise further investment in partners.

“We recognise and appreciate the important role partners play as an extension of our own sales and technical teams,” said Cheryln Chin, global vice president of systems integrators at UiPath. “Together with UiPath, our partners are seising the unique opportunity to deliver transformative solutions to customers worldwide. Our partner community has become a powerful force in driving the tremendous growth of RPA, and this program is designed to provide them with an unmatched combination of sales and field enablement to help them continue to serve customers and grow their business with us.”