Unicom signs 1,000th mobile customer

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Unicom, the Manchester based B2B telecom provider, this week reported that it had sold its new mobile offering to over 1,000 business customers, less than 4 months after the product was launched.

After exceeding initial mobile sales projections by 47 per cent in the first month, Unicom doubled the number of sales staff to meet the demand for their new product. With a recently increased range of handsets, including Apple’s iPhone, Unicom is selling its mobile offering to its 90,000 small business customers around the UK.

“During our two years of research and development it became clear that customers find the variety and complexity of mobile contracts bewildering and baffling. We launched with a very simple offering: customers pay line rental and then only for what they use. Our introductory offer is mobile calls at landline prices. Customers response has been incredibly positive and they have voted for a transparent, easy to understand package by switching to Unicom.” said Chris Earle, Operations Director for Unicom.

“Feedback from sales has been equally positive, commenting that customers love our offer because it does away with overpriced bundles. In response we have doubled the number of sales staff to keep up with the demand. After an amazingly successful launch we expect to have signed over 3,000 mobile customers by Christmas.”

Mike Willmott, the owner of a copyright firm in Shrewsbury, has switched to Unicom mobiles and is a strong advocate of the company’s transparent ‘no nonsense’ approach to tariffs:

“I switched my business landlines from BT to Unicom because I was unhappy with the service from BT. I like to have a single point of contact and one account to avoid confusion.

“When I moved to Unicom I found the service a lot more helpful. With one pricing system and an emphasis on simplicity and efficiency there is no hassle at all. The switch really has given me peace of mind.”