Unify Comment on Facebook Birthday

1 min read Unified Comms
Facebook celebrates its 10th anniversary today. The site, had 1.23 billion monthly active users at the end of 2013, based on company data, or roughly one-sixth of the world's population. Some 945 million of the users were accessing Facebook on mobile devices. The popularity of the social network highlights society’s increasing connectivity and need to engage with others.

Trevor Connell, Managing Director, West Region at Unify, comments “As Facebook celebrates its 10th anniversary, people are using it for an increasingly diverse range of purposes. From sharing pictures to communicating with select groups of friends or colleagues, Facebook’s continued popularity highlights people’s desire to remain continuously engaged using online tools.

Facebook has now evolved, allowing users to post activity updates on the move and enabling friends to communicate without physically needing to be in the same place. This encourages personal interaction and allows people to stay in touch with friends and family around the world. Not only that but many businesses also use Facebook for promotion and engagement with an audience and their team members.

The growth of social media, BYOD and other trends in technology are significantly reducing our dependence on physical locations. A survey we conducted last year found that only a quarter of people now spend all five working days in the office. The popularity of platforms allowing users to communicate on any device at any location really highlights how our professional and personal lives are converging. More businesses than ever are embracing flexible working policies and, just as people want to be able to access their personal life on the move, we believe they should also be able to work from anywhere too.

Effective communication and collaboration enables a more informed business. Facebook’s anniversary shouldn’t just be an occasion to celebrate a great social tool, but to look at how we can continue to encourage team collaboration and mobile productivity in all aspects of our life.”