Union Street Awarded ServiceMark

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The Institute of Customer Service has awarded Union Street Technologies with its highly prized ServiceMark Accreditation. This is an impressive accomplishment for the billing vendor which, having only joined The Institute in March 2019, has become one of the only vendors in the channel to hold the ServiceMark accreditation.

The ServiceMark is a national standard recognising an organisation’s commitment to the highest standards of customer service. Before awarding the ServiceMark, The Institute conducted an extensive survey of Union Street’s customer base and its employees to gauge customer satisfaction levels and employee engagement with the company’s customer service values.

Further to this, an assessment of activities and processes that impact the customer experience was undertaken. The Institute’s assessment was not limited to those areas of the business with direct customer interaction, it examined other elements such as the quality of products, resources including Union Street’s service portal, complaints handling processes, and channels of communication.

Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service, said: “Congratulations to Union Street for gaining ServiceMark accreditation. The fact they have achieved it – and done so within a year of becoming members - is testament to their commitment to continuously improve their customer service standards. The customer feedback which forms part of the ServiceMark accreditation, will help Union Street identify areas on which to focus to better serve their customers.”

Robert Bristow, Operations Director said, “As a provider of business-critical software, our customers need to know they can depend on us. By gaining the ServiceMark, our customers can be assured that the trust they’ve shown in choosing Union Street is well placed and that their billing operations will be supported with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

“Our teams put a huge effort into delivering excellent customer service so, to have their hard work objectively recognised by the country’s leading authority on customer service, is a massive boost to morale. The positive results achieved in the customer survey was a particular highlight of the process as it’s always encouraging to hear that the work we’re doing is appreciated by our customers.”