Union Street launches Billnow

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Union Street Technologies has launched Billnow, an optional new feature for its aBILLity billing platform that provides a self-service management portal for use by resellers’ partners and customers.
Vincent Disneur, managing director, Union Street Technologies

The Billnow portal promises to meet increasing customer demand for self-service options whilst reducing the cost of service for resellers. 

By drawing data directly from the aBILLity platform, the Billnow portal allows resellers’ customers to view up to the minute changes in their service usage, conduct their own reporting and make changes to their services. 

Billnow also enables customers to perform SIM swaps, check associated networks and SIM numbers themselves, and set bars for certain services.

Resellers can enjoy the dual benefit of reduced inbound calls and enquiries, Union Street said, lowering the cost of service by empowering end-users to help themselves.

The Billnow portal has been designed for ease of use, with customisable aesthetics that can be white-labelled with a reseller’s own logos and colour scheme. Advertising panels also provide resellers with options to promote additional products, services and special offers.

Union Street said that Billnow was developed following extensive consultations with its user community, which revealed increasing trust and preference among end-users for online channels of self-service driven by convenience and cost-effectiveness. 

The company said that a corresponding pressure on resellers to meet customers’ expectations for digital service channels and keep pace with competitors’ service offerings was also apparent.

“Over the last two years we have seen a rapid change and evolution in the way we work,” said managing director Vincent Disneur. “Consumerisation of B2B relationships is one such trend, with business users coming to expect the same levels of service they get in their personal lives, with their work interactions. 

“Billnow has been designed with this in mind, giving users a broad range of options to self-manage and control the services they buy from the channel. Not only will Billnow help resellers to win new business by enhancing the customer experience, but it’s also a driving force in keeping their customers loyal and locking out competition.”