Uros go In-depth with Mobile Connectivity Study

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Uros has issued a new white paper entitled "Enterprise Cloud Computing – Impact on mobile connectivity needs". The paper gives an in-depth picture on the implications of establishing cloud-based solutions in enterprises. The main focus lies on analysis of current and future cloud environment and the trend towards mobile cloud and constant connectivity.

Cloud computing is becoming the preferential delivery method for IT services and infrastructure as companies are able to reduce costs, improve scalability and explore new business opportunities. This move to cloud means that dependence on remotely-stored data is growing, and there is a need for communication at all times. For enterprises, this means that constant connectivity is required. In its new white paper Uros gives an in-depth picture of enterprise cloud computing, where it is heading and what are its implications on mobility issues.

With the 16-page white paper readers can learn more about the benefits of cloud computing, how the SaaS market is developing and what are the biggest issues, how enterprise mobility connects to cloud computing, or the impact of cloud computing on corporate connectivity. In an expert interview with Ari Ruotsalainen, Microsoft Principal Account Technology Strategist, the paper analyses the current cloud computing market and future trends.

A free copy of the Uros’ enterprise cloud computing white paper can be downloaded at the company’s website.