Vaioni Launches 100Mb & 1Gb Promotion

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Vaioni Wholesale has launched a campaign to help Channel Partners win more connectivity business through its 100Mb & 1Gb promotion.

“The cost of 100Mb and & 1Gb Ethernet connections has dropped significantly over the years,” says Vaioni Wholesale MD Sachin Vaish. “In 2008, we were selling 100Mb at £9,600 per annum and 1Gb connections for £18,000, which was very special at that time. Today you can generally buy a 100Mb for less than £4000 per annum & a 1Gb for less than £12,000 per annum. VW have smashed it once again, by offering the most competitive rates in the marketplace, without compromising quality of service. The promotion starts with immediate effect until 31st December 2016.”

“We offer a FREE router on all our 100Mb and 1Gb connections and we have never charged an upfront cost for it. Now our partners can once again confidently take the VW Ethernet proposition to the marketplace knowing it is ultra-competitive and rich with features, such as Free SIP trunks, Free Backup Connection (with diverse operator), Free QoS and a 30-day money back guarantee if we fail to deliver a high-quality service”, continues Sachin Vaish.

The VW proposition offers high-quality routers, which are capable of delivering a full 100Mb service and a full 1Gb service, irrespective of the bandwidth a customer buys in-between, making it simple to upgrade services without having to swap out hardware, which requires downtime.