VanillaIP Announce Combined BroadSoft Hosted PBX and Mobile SIM User Bundles

In what the company describes as a first for the UK channel, hosted services firm VanillaIP has announced availability of user bundles that combine both a BroadSoft Hosted PBX seat and a mobile SIM from either Vodafone or O2.

The bundles both include hosted IP and mobile minutes and texts and are designed to present a totally seamless fixed and mobile solution for customers and extend the full capabilities of the VanillaIP Uboss and Broadsoft platforms to any device, including mobile.

The key capability of the solution is that the GSM mobile is used to tether the user to the VanillaIP platform, meaning all calls are made and received through VanillaIP’s BroadSoft system off any device. For users this means a true 'one number' solution with a single voicemail and only the office DDI number being presented. Crucially, all calls, including those from the mobile, are recorded and available almost immediately within the Uboss portal. This combined with the new EU rules on roaming mean that a VanillaIP user can take advantage of a complete one number feature set without any additional charge when in Europe.

Dave Dadds [pictured], CEO at VanillaIP, comments, “We are not selling a bunch of different services here but an integrated and fully meshed user experience."

Users will be able to pull live calls between their fixed IP devices and mobile and access corporate directory on all devices and pull colleagues into conference calls. All users have presence and chat with their colleagues and the ability to configure advanced call routing on the go.

The Uboss portal is central in providing this new capability, both in managing the Hosted PBX and Mobile services assigned to the user and contract terms, but also for the user to be able to access unified call logs and recordings. All fixed and mobile calls and mobile data are logged at the user level and the reseller is able to provide a single combined bill for all services.

Dadds adds, “There is no business logic to having the hosted PBX service and the mobile as separate silos. As users ourselves, we all understand the importance of mobility in our overall communications strategy, but until now the challenge for us in the channel is how can we really bring mobile in, both in terms of functionality, reporting and billing so this really is a single solution for the customer.”