Vapour launches technology as a service offering

Vapour has launched a new technology as a service (TaaS) proposition that looks to provide customers with the “consistent delivery” of technology, applications, and endpoint security. The company will also manage redundant kit and provide ongoing IT support as part of the offering.

Tim Mercer, CEO, Vapour, explained, “Whether we’re supporting a rapidly growing business with the onboarding of new staff, at pace, or handling a customer’s rip and replace strategy, the key to a value-adding TaaS proposition is flexibility.

“We’ll work with the customer to ensure every new device is supplied complete with the apps, functionality, UX and security that the employee requires – all they need to do is log on! This ticks many boxes, not least in terms of efficiency, quality control, minimal IT headaches and procurement simplicity. And everything is available for an affordable fixed price per user.”

Vapour is a Microsoft CSP and can provide customers with any Microsoft product or service, including Teams licences, Azure, hybrid cloud, and backups. The company describes itself as “technology agnostic”. As such, it can produce TaaS agreements that are tailored to individual requirements.

Carol McGrotty, head of transformation and compliance, Vapour, highlighted the environmental advantages of TaaS offerings. She said, “The TaaS contract can include the compliant recovery of redundant equipment with complete audit trail – to uphold customers’ data destruction and environmental responsibilities. Working with an AATF, we’ll ensure devices can be reused where possible, for maximum sustainability benefits but none of the security worries. And if the equipment is beyond repair, it will be processed for recycling.”