Versatile Verso

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Luke Littlewood, Director of Avalle, an independent headset manufacturer based in Worthing, says that in the world of telephone headsets it is rare to have a completely original, innovative, ground-breaking development. He believes, however, that he has now changed that.

“The Avalle Verso Headset is a revolutionary telephone headset design that allows the user to transform their headset from either a monaural (single ear) into a binaural (two ear) headset or vice versa, to suit their requirements as they change.

Users will be able to adapt to changing noise levels such as the intensity of conversations, the increasing need for concentration and other factors of the everyday workplace. The result is a more productive, professional, and satisfactory experience for both parties.”

Littlewood adds, “This ability to change from monaural to binaural in seconds is the unique feature of the Avalle Verso corded headset. Gone are the days where you have to choose between one or another as the boom simply clicks out of one headband into another, thanks to the original magnetic clasping technology.

These interchangeable features also act as an easy and cost effect way to replace damaged parts. The headsets are available as either monaural or binaural configurations, or there is a terrific value tri-pack that incorporates one of each of the headbands and the boom mic attachment.

The build quality and the materials used, instil you with confidence that this headset can stand up to daily use even in the most demanding environments - including call centres.

The Quick Disconnect lead is standard, and there is a range of connection leads, so integration with any existing phones is not an issue. The Avalle Verso is also Microsoft Lync compatible.

The Avalle Verso has been designed, developed and tested in the UK and for extra peace of mind it comes with a 2-year warranty.