Viegli to launch proposal writing tool

Viegli has announced the upcoming launch of Proposal Ninja, an automated proposal writing tool for resellers.

Proposal Ninja will be free to all Unify partners buying from Viegli, with other UC and telephony resellers able to access the service through a monthly subscription.

Viegli said the Proposal Ninja tool will cater for multiple commercial models within the same proposal. For example, it could outline options for either buying the kit or renting a service.

Any product or service can be added to the tool, with the company aiming to deliver a “write once, run anywhere” service.

Robert Nunn, managing director, Viegli, said, “Ever moaned about the time a proposal takes to put together? Some resellers don’t even bother these days they simply provide quotes and win the business on price.

“We all know, instinctively, that a well written, accurate and consistent proposal will make a difference but, more often and not we’re not delivering a rich and rewarding experience for the customer.

“Proposal Ninja looks to solve this by offering an automated, customisable easy to use proposal writing tool to make your sales staff more effective and win more business.”

Viegli is a Unify OpenScape Business distributor. Proposal Ninja will be available from mid-April.