Vodafone Announces New Flat-Rate Data Roaming Tariff

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For Vodafone 3G data card users like me the news that Vodafone is to introduce a flat rate daily roaming charge for all you can eat data usage is good news. I spent £120.00 in two days email and internet access on 3G when visiting Swyx in Germany just before Christmas!

Vodafone announced yesterday that customers in Europe will be able to surf the internet, check e-mail and access their business network when roaming abroad for a flat rate fee of only €12 for every day of use. The tariff will be available to Vodafone customers with mobile-enabled laptops from 1 July 2007 and will significantly lower the cost of data roaming for business customers and consumers alike.

This move is the latest development in Vodafone’s drive to simplify roaming prices, making them more predictable and understandable for customers. The initiative draws upon two years’ experience of the voice roaming tariff - Vodafone Passport - which has already attracted over 12m customers. Following the introduction of daily data tariffs in a number of Vodafone markets last year, Vodafone is now seeking to extend these benefits to customers throughout Europe who wish to use their laptops when travelling.

Besides the clear consumer advantages of reducing prices, Vodafone is continuing to invest in its networks to ensure customers also benefit from rapidly escalating data access speeds. Building on the strong platform of 3G, Vodafone has recently been rolling out faster technologies, such as HSDPA, which is now available in 11 European markets.

Commenting on the new tariff, Arun Sarin, Chief Executive, Vodafone, said:

“Following the success of our Passport service, which has made it cheaper and simpler to call home over the past two years, we are now applying the same principles of value and simplicity for customers who need to access their corporate intranets, business e-mail or surf the web when they are abroad.

“With high speed 3G networks already deployed in many European markets, ongoing investment in new technologies to increase download speeds and clear, effective tariffs, Vodafone should be the network of choice for those seeking to use their laptops when travelling.”