Vodafone showcases potential of 5G with piano duet

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Vodafone, six-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, and music producer Jay Keys have teamed up to showcase the potential of 5G with the world’s first 5G piano duet.

This niche demonstration of 5G capabilities comes at a time when resellers and distributors alike are developing new solutions and services that will help end users unlock the potential of the standard. The visual representation of what real time speeds mean in practice might spark new ideas.

The duet was made possible through specially developed technology connecting two pianos in different London locations. Data relating to the touch and pressure on each piano’s keys was sent between the instruments, with magnets in the keys and pedals replicating the notes played on the partner piano – creating one synchronised instrument.

Lewis Hamilton and Jay Keys then played the two instruments at the same time, with 5G’s real time (or low latency) speeds making it seem as though they were together in one place.

Jay Keys, known for his work with Liam Payne, Stormzy, J Hus and Naughty Boy, commented, “Technology like this is going to be game changing for the music industry. It opens up more opportunities for musicians globally to collaborate in real-time. Imagine 5G powered writing [or] production sessions, music lessons and duets happening between musicians everywhere.

“It will give us the opportunity to be more productive, creative and connect with each other regardless of where we are in the world.”

Nick Jeffery, CEO of Vodafone UK, added, “Music has a way of bringing people together and for the first time, using our 5G network, we have been able to demonstrate how two separate pianos and musicians in different locations can play together as one. The past few months especially have highlighted how important 5G technology will be in bringing more people, places and things closer to what they love – even when they have to be apart.”