VoIP? - All Wrapped Up say Rocom

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Richard Carter, managing director of Rocom, believes the role of the distributor in the VoIP marketplace is significantly greater than ever was the case in a TDM world.

“Logistics, warehousing and flexible credit terms are still important, but IP requires much more than merely drop-shipping TDM boxes. Rocom’s proposition to our channels is evolving as the technology evolves.

The Rocom Network Services portfolio now includes more than just traditional minutes; we can offer IP Wide Area Networks and Broadband, SIP trunking capabilities, and SiNET – our Hosted IP offering. Moreover, we are supported by Servassure, the independent service delivery company that is part of the Group. This gives us the engineering services for IP and TDM so that we can help channels to complete their commercial proposition.

Those who do not yet have the engineering and network services skills to move to IP on their own can rely on Rocom to help them with more than just IP-PBXs and IP Hosted Solutions – we can deliver a complete services wrap, combined with our sales and marketing support.

Finally, we have developed a financial services proposition that will enable channels to have the Best of Both Worlds with hosted IP. They get the up-front cash for the hardware elements – often more than just a TDM system – but they also get 3 or 5 years of locked-in recurring revenues for all the annual service elements such as broadband, minutes and maintenance. This means that the lifetime value of the customer is significantly higher, but the selling job needs only to be done once – no revisiting the customer annually to negotiate new maintenance and minutes rates.”