VoIP Unlimited Raises the Quality Bar

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Companies using VoIP technology supplied by VoIP Unlimited will experience greater reliability than ever before because of a new technology implementation from Exinda Networks

VoIP Unlimited has just gone live with an Exinda 4700 WAN Optimisation appliance in its core network, which will according to the vendor, provide differentiated quality of service to VoIP Unlimited’s business customers. By using Exinda’s advanced QoS technology to prioritise voice over data, can now guarantee its customers very high quality of service for voice calls, which has previously been a limiting factor with VoIP technology over existing networks.

VoIP Unlimited is a wholesale specialist SIP trunk provider and supplies Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) breakout to IT and VoIP PBX resellers. The Exinda appliance provides full visibility and management of SIP calls and the associated bandwidth resources, ensuring that VoIP has guaranteed bandwidth levels with full priority over data streams, providing best quality voice calls and preventing interruption by data transmissions. By implementing an Exinda 4700 WAN Optimization solution within the network, VoIP Unlimited will ensure that end users receive the highest available service levels.

Exinda can classify Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Voice over IP (VoIP) calls and perform call based classification based on IP phone extensions within a network.

"Exinda monitors SIP VoIP calls being made from or to the office location. VoIP calls within a corporate setup are initiated by the SIP protocol followed by Real-time Transport Protocol to carry the voice data," said Dave Ryder, vice president of sales for UK and Ireland, Exinda Networks.

Steve Bieniek, sales director, VoIP Unlimited said, "After several months of testing the technology, we have implemented a unit within our core network. The Exinda technology solves the problem of voice delays which has been a downside of VoIP until now, and, in addition, provides excellent reporting tools on both voice and data streams, enabling us to see and control exactly what is happening with traffic on the network."

He added, "Many people use systems such as Skype or MSN Live, more consumer oriented VoIP services, which is great for home use. But there have been issues in implementing it into a business. We can now offer 'Business Grade' Internet telephony services by connecting the ADSL network through our own switch based at the UK Internet's core in London Docklands, through to the standard telephony network, allowing customers to make calls across their internet connections as opposed to relatively expensive ISDN or multiple analogue lines.

Not only are the call charges in line with - or cheaper than - competitive CPS (Carrier Pre-Select) rates, but increasingly they are free. International calls are very competitive too. This means that as more and more people turn to VoIP for their telephony, paying for standard call charges may be a thing of the past."