Vonage launches generative AI for Conversational Commerce solution

Vonage has launched generative AI for Vonage Conversational Commerce, supported by

Using advanced generative AI capabilities that are integrated with its Conversational Commerce solution, Vonage customers can create real-time and personalised connections with customers across platforms.

The addition of a marketing template content generator, live chat assistance and intuitive knowledge base inquiries improve customer engagement across touchpoints.

Core to these new generative AI-powered capabilities is assistance in live chat interactions, helping agents tailor their responses and provide better customer service in real-time. It enables businesses to improve agent productivity and communication through better and faster live chat responses to customers and more precise communication.

A content generator that produces WhatsApp-based marketing templates also enables the simpler and quicker generation of marketing content and significantly reduces marketing teams’ workloads. That frees them up to run multiple campaigns.

By using documents uploaded as the knowledge base to respond to queries and streamline customer support, this provides a more personalised customer experience.

"We are seeing a significant increase in demand for integrated AI capabilities that can easily be expanded across platforms as businesses recognise the efficiency and customisation possibilities that generative AI offers," said Savinay Berry, EVP product and engineering for Vonage. "By integrating state-of-the-art generative AI capabilities with our Conversational Commerce solution, we are empowering users to generate creative content, automate tasks, and improve the overall user experience."

"Advancements in generative AI can be harnessed to significantly enhance Conversational Commerce solutions, empowering e-commerce marketers and online retailers to seamlessly connect with potential customers while delivering a personalised experience," said Krishna Baidya, senior director, information and communication technologies, Frost & Sullivan. "Infusing generative AI with the Knowledge Base, brands can respond to queries and streamline customer support, ensuring efficient and reliable self-service options during conversations. Adding AI-powered assistance in live chat interactions will boost agent productivity and communication effectiveness."

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