What SMEs Want

1 min read
According to Steve Jones of distributor Electronic Frontier. business owners are far too busy running their businesses to spend time looking at their communication requirements… and if you talk about convergence they look at you with blank expressions.

“They are often totally unaware of the business benefits a small convergence solution could bring to their business and also tend to be conservative in their outlook. Typically if you can not show a small business owner a RoI of less than 12 months they will probably not implement the solution.

Fortunately for today’s resellers products now exist for the sub 24 users that provide the customer with a full IP solution with the functionality required at the price points the business can afford…oh, and still provide good margins for the reseller.

The Business Drivers for a converged communications platform are, cost savings, improved communications, enhanced flexible working, more effective mobility, and improved quality of customer service.

What a smaller company needs to see are tangible business benefits that a small convergent communication platform will bring them. The resellers who win will be those who are able to articulate this to their customers.”