Widget UK customers check stock availability through iPhone app and Maginus

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Widget UK Ltd, a specialist distributor of consumer electronics products to retailers and resellers, has created and launched its own iPhone app supported by the Maginus multi-channel solution, enabling retail customers and suppliers to have a real-time view of product availability, details and pricing from any location via their iPhone.

Typically, iPhone apps are cut down versions of their parent ecommerce web sites and generally provide graphical and textual data with limited interactivity; Maginus, expert providers of integrated software solutions for multi channel retail & distribution companies, support and facilitate the transfer of data across these interactive solutions, enabling companies to operate a true omni-channel experience for their customers.

The app is split into two segments – customer and reseller – only accessible with a unique login. Retail customers that login have visibility of product information, pricing and stock availability. Whereas vendor partners (suppliers) not only have visibility of their available stock that Widget is holding and stock sold, but can use the app for reporting and analytics, driven by the Maginus multi-channel solution.

Mark Needham, Chairman at Widget, commented, “The flexibility of the Maginus multi-channel solution means that data can simply be extracted from the database and delivered as a report through the application for easy access. The data held on the Maginus multi-channel solution has been made available to customers via a portal on the website, which makes the same data easier to use for customers who work with their phone as much as with their desktop computer.”

He continues, “Being a value added distributor we are always looking at ways of improving our service offering through innovations. Depending on the uptake and utilisation of the application, in the future we may adapt it to include order management capabilities.”

Russell Dorset, Sales and Marketing Director at Maginus, says, “The development of this application was driven by the need for real-time visibility of stock and inventory management. The data is readily available within the Maginus solution and has now been made accessible to Widget customers and resellers, enabling them to improve their forecast management and customer service.”