World-Class Open Source Database Solutions without the World-Class Vendor Lock-In

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SkySQL has announced a new enterprise suite for the MySQL & MariaDB open source databases. It is part of a major launch of innovative open source technology and services designed to ensure the continued competitiveness of the MySQL database eco-system.

The recently funded SkySQL has updated its enterprise subscription and is now bringing out new enterprise solutions, delivering more value to MySQL and MariaDB users.

The SkySQL Enterprise Data Suite includes three application-led solutions, namely Carrier Grade, Analytics and High Availability. These solutions combine innovations from leading technology providers in the MySQL eco-system with services provided by a team with 250 years of original MySQL experience and the backing of MySQL creator Monty Widenius.

SkySQL Enterprise Data Suite provides extra features for database administrators and end users that have been specifically selected and designed by SkySQL. Database Administrators can benefit from the use of MONyog advanced monitoring and alerting features as well as additions developed by SkySQL that can detect anomalies and prevent further issues.

End Users can choose between SQLyog, a sophisticated client/server tool, and PhpMyAdmin, the de-facto standard web-based tool used to interact with MySQL databases.

The three new application-led solutions designed by SkySQL include the following features and benefits:

SkySQL Enterprise Carrier Grade is the database solution based on MySQL Cluster, specifically designed for highly scalable and highly available applications, primarily for telecommunication, multimedia and online systems.

SkySQL Enterprise High Availability adds automatic fail-over and node synchronisation to the standard MySQL Replication and comes with options for Synchronous High Availability based on Codership Galera Cluster as well as Super-Scale High Availability based on Continuent Tungsten.

SkySQL Enterprise Analytics is the solution based on the Calpont InfiniDB columnar engine that combines the compatibility of MySQL connectivity with massive parallel processing capabilities, high compression and automatic partitioning.

SkySQL Enterprise Data Suite is fully compatible with the three most used MySQL database distributions & derivatives, namely MariaDB, MySQL database and Percona Server.

Patrik Sallner, SkySQL CEO, believes the new subscription model will convince many MySQL database users to purchase subscriptions for the first time. “Most companies deploying the MySQL database are used to depending on in-house and community support rather than turning to external vendors. As the applications working on open source software become increasingly business critical and performance requirements grow, it is natural for these companies to turn to reliable vendors that can offer service SLAs and the latest performance optimization technologies. SkySQL, with its history steeped in the MySQL database, has proven its capabilities with a base of over 300 customers globally and a continuous flow of performance enhancing solutions.”

SkySQL began life in 2010 as a services and support company for MySQL and MariaDB database users. Coinciding with the launch of the new solutions, SkySQL’s pricing structure has been revamped and enterprise support starts at just €5000 for five MySQL servers with universal 24/7 support. An unlimited offer is also available for those customers looking for enterprise-wide support.