Xelion poll highlights shift to softphones

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Cloud telephony provider Xelion UK has conducted a LinkedIn poll asking respondents how they make business calls. Of the 101 respondents, 22% preferred to use a desk phone while 78% opted for softphone use.

The high number of softphone preferences is likely due to the increased use of softphones by employees now working from home due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Dave Reynolds, managing director of Xelion UK, commented, “There is a dramatic shift in the preferred device terminal usage for workers. A generation has now grown up accepting that a telephone is not something in a fixed place, but is rather something that moves around with you.

“We have a standardised user interface for desktop, mobile and tablet so customers can use the solution anywhere, anytime. It brings together voice, instant messaging, sms, wallboards and more, delivering a single Organised Communications service for customers on any device.”

Xelion provides a versatile communications endpoint that is designed to be the central hub for all business communications. The Xelion softphone client offers all the traditional telephony functions users expect, alongside the latest UC features including presence, instant messaging, global address books, call recording management and much more.

Over 170,000 business users access the Xelion softphone client every working day across four countries.

Reynolds added, “Another compelling element is that Xelion is licenced by users, NOT by devices. This means every user can have the Xelion softphone client, mobile app and physical phone as standard on a single user license. The Xelion softphone client literally provides our partners with a ‘killer app’ that delivers a clear technical and commercial advantage over rivals.”