Yealink Stresses Positioning For New HD Business Class Sip ‘Phone - With Video

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Yealink UK has released advance details of a premium HD business class SIP handset equipped with video which will be launched in Q2 2012.

The company believes that the new model’s voice features, functionality and price point give it a much wider business audience than a typical videophone.

“The VP530P shouldn’t be pigeonholed as a videophone because there is a much wider market to be attacked if resellers promote it for what it is – an HD voice business class SIP ‘phone, but one blessed with professional standard video calling,” explained Yealink UK’s managing director, Andrew Roberts. “Voice quality is premium, right up there with our flagship SIP-T28 handset, and that’s been combined with excellent functionality, easily accessible via an incredibly responsive colour touch screen. It’s also going to retail within the audio rather than video handset price spectrum.

“It will be an exceptional offering with wide market appeal among business specifiers and users.”

“Whilst its list price is still to be finalised, Yealink anticipates the VP530P will retail at under £270 – roughly half that of another and, comparable leading brand offer. As with that model, the VP530P exploits the power of Texas Instruments’ T1 Da Vinci dual-core chipset to deliver fast and smooth performance.

It will feature a supremely responsive 7” colour touch screen with key functions such as video call, three-party video conferencing, first pick up call, hold and resume, transfer, idle to dialling, call switch and menu functions operating at a generous 500ms. “The screen will offer at-a-glance status and fast at-a-touch functionality,” says Mr. Roberts. It will also offer a boot time of just 90 seconds.

A generously designed sound box and liberal bandwidth also contribute to high quality audio, offering exceptional performance across the frequency range with notable bass delivery.

Offering seamless compatibility with IPPBX and hosted IPPBX platforms the model also provides both longer and wider pick up ranges than Yealink’s VP2009 Elite whilst business friendly features embrace three-way local audio conferencing, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) phonebook, BLF, Intercom, 2M pixel CMOS sensor camera and a 18 Direct Station Selection (DSS) key screen with status lights.”