YESpay presents how to “Pay the New Way” through a new innovative brand identity.

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You might have already noticed that YESpay International just launched a complete rebranding of its corporate and payment products and services, including a new logo along with website and product brochures.

To achieve this, YESpay liked the enthusiasm and strategic depth shown by its brand communications partner 'Quirk Design & Communications'. Quirk came up with a dynamic and confident communication strategy that gave utmost importance to innovation and consumer experience. Supriya Rocha, head of Quirk Design and Communications gives some background: "For us, designing the brand communication strategy for YESpay has been quite a challenge. We wanted it to be consumer-friendly, fresh and innovative yet convey the depth of YESpay in payments processing. The core of our strategy was to keep all the elements in the communication really simple and easy to understand. And we wanted the brand to project an endless and youthful zeal for new ideas. It was an interesting process of interviews, discussions and directions which led us to the new brand communication of YESpay”.

The choice of colours and textures was also well thought as Supriya Rocha demystifies: “The Burgundy Ring signifies an endless circle of payment services. The Emerald Chink signifies YESpay playing the role of a catalyst in facilitating this payment circle to function in an uninterrupted and smooth way. And as you would imagine colours play an important role in brand communication. We chose Burgundy for solidity. Watermelon signifies a cheerful disposition & out of the box thinking. And Emerald stands for innovation combined with old world maturity."

This change was felt necessary to add a fresh, new direction to the business in alignment with YESpay’s long term growth strategy. The payment industry is changing its face and is moving to a more consumer driven proposition. So is YESpay. With a solution offered as a SaaS (Software as a service) model, YESpay drives a change in the market due to its ability to mitigate the merchants need to certify their retail systems to EMV Chip and PIN standards. This enables the merchant to fast track the deployment of fully approved point-of-sale (POS) systems and e-commerce websites in a matter of weeks at low monthly subscription fees. In addition, YESpay’s Payment solution, EMBOSS, significantly reduces the burden related to PCI-DSS compliance, as YESpay removes any sensitive card details from the merchant’s environment.

Interestingly YESpay is also going beyond the multi-channel Card-present and Card-not-present environment by offering a number of powerful value added services such as the EasyV-Gift Card program, and the YESpay-StoreManager. Those developments are in tune with the market trend - although a number of merchants still need to upgrade towards EMV – as the payments industry is more and more taking EMV for granted and is focusing on other channels and value-added services. “This is exactly the multi-channel vision YESpay has. This expansion along with the new brand and communication identity will give even more credibility to YESpay’s offering” emphasized Sophia Dahri, Marketing and Sales Manager at YESpay. Indeed, YESpay has now launched StoreManager™ mobile/web applications and web services that assist merchants in building four cornerstones of their multi-channel payment strategy: customer affinity, card payment risk mitigation, enhancing business performance and building customer trust.