Zycko Hails Talari’s WAN Optimisation

1 min read
Distributor Zycko says WAN virtualisation enabled by Talari Networks’ Adaptive Private Networking (APN) combines multiple WAN links between customer sites, enabling any combination of connections, including abundantly available Internet links to behave as one high bandwidth pipe with business-class levels of reliability, speed, security and QoS.

Sales & Marketing Director, David Galton-Fenzi says, “By combining and operating public Internet connectivity in parallel, Talari’s WAN Virtualisation solution enables organisations to utilize inexpensive bandwidth that has previously been unusable due to concerns over its performance/reliability.

Recently awarded ‘Best of Interop 2011’ in the performance optimisation category, Talari’s Mercury APN appliances continuously monitor actual packet by packet performance across all links simultaneously and route traffic via the optimum link for each traffic type at a per packet level.

Galton-Fenzi adds, “This approach optimises WAN traffic for all applications, including voice and video data and scales across any distance. By deploying Talari’s symmetric APN technology, telecomms resellers’ customers are currently gaining 30x to 100x the bandwidth per dollar, reducing monthly WAN service costs by 40% to 90%, and achieving greater reliability and application performance predictability than existing private WANs using single-provider MPLS services. APN technology also scales to accommodate new services, catering to future growth requirements.”