Zyxel Launches New Zypartner Programme

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Dedicated Funds For Resellers, Lead-Generation For Verticals And New Partner Portal

ZyXEL has announced the launch of its new ZyPartner programme on 1st February 2007. The new programme aims to double the number of ZyXEL's partners by the end of 2007, whilst helping existing partners grow. ZyXEL will focus on growing business and partners in key focus areas including the education and hospitality sectors. The programme includes dedicated lead generation initiatives for the channel, a new partner portal and the ZyXEL Partnership Fund.

"By launching this programme, we hope to make it even easier for resellers to do business with ZyXEL," said Lee Marsden, head of channels, ZyXEL. "We have engaged our partners in order to understand their needs and therefore develop a channel programme that meets these. As a result, we are launching the ZyXEL Partnership Fund instead of a traditional rebates programme, which our partners stated was no longer a priority for them. The partnership fund is a shift in mindset for many vendors, and resellers can now use their funding for a variety of activity including technical training and marketing development. This is to enable us to work with our resellers as effectively as possible."

The programme will also feature dedicated account managers for each partner, as well as partner specific technical support. The programme operates four tiers of resellers: ZyGold, ZySilver, ZyCertified and ZyAccredited with many benefits including a system of discounts on demonstration equipment, account management, special bid support and sales leads. There is also a specific lead generation initiative for hospitality and education resellers, focused on winning business for key partners operating in these sectors.

A new partner portal, ZySpace, will also be available to resellers, ZySpace allowing them to download collateral, book training courses and view the latest news as well as access the image bank, read case studies and price lists. The new ZyCreate tool, accessible from the portal, will allow resellers to print marketing collateral on-demand and co-brand it quickly and easily, allowing partners a far greater degree of control than has previously been possible.