Boosting reseller profitability and customer business performance

Everton Stuart, managing director, Vidicode UK, explains how the company's dedication to functional technology helps boost call recording profit opportunities for resellers.

In today's fast-paced and highly regulated business landscape, telecom and IT resellers face the dual challenge of driving profitable sales while ensuring their customers comply with stringent regulations. Furthermore, resellers must ensure that they assist customers in enhancing their business performance by providing systems that can scale alongside their growth and consistently deliver excellent value for money. This is crucial when offering call recording, sometimes overlooked as a profit opportunity, and seen as a box tick when provisioning a phone system.

A box ticking exercise?

Some resellers rely on call recording solutions provided by their phone system suppliers. This dependency can lead to customers encountering significant expenses related to accessing and storing recordings, particularly when regulatory entities such as the FCA require the retention of call recordings for durations extending up to seven years.

Often this type of solution will facilitate recording all trunks lines instead of focusing on specific critical extensions, ultimately leading to unnecessary costs for the customer. Furthermore, many systems don't offer an option for the PCI DSS compliance requirement to pause recording when payment card details are communicated over the phone! 

Dedicated to functional technology

Vidicode UK's strength lies in our dedicated development team and close cooperation with our distributors and resellers. We are a company driven by a passion for functional technology, and we aim to provide customers with solutions that are easy to implement and maintain. Flexibility is standard practice. In 2022 we strengthened our UK team by taking on four former Retell employees and two former ASC professionals boosting our expertise and development and enabling us to support resellers with legacy Retell Sense and NEC call recording systems.

Join the Apresa revolution

Vidicode UK's Apresa is revolutionising how businesses capture, store, and analyse voice interactions. With its range of powerful capabilities and a host of free features, Apresa offers resellers unparalleled advantages in compliance, performance, and operational efficiency for their customers. 

Highly scalable, Apresa is the ideal recording solution for trunk or extension recording of SIP/VoIP, ISDN II, E1/T1 (ISDN 30), TDM, analogue and audio (e.g. radio) communication in many environments, including Teams, Azure and AWS. Compatible with most phone systems, Apresa is available in a hosted, cloud, or on-premises as an active or passive recording solution with many valuable features as standard, including:

  • Three options to pause recording for payment card details taken over the phone for PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance.
  • Screen recording to provide a comprehensive record of employee/customer interactions.
  • Unlimited storage and retrieval of calls for FCA compliance with full audit trails, high-level security, and encryption.
  • Secure Microsoft Teams recording, including webcam recording and screen sharing/presentation recording.
  • Stop recording/never record again for compliance with GDPR.
  • Options to record VOX for financial traders that use turrets.
  • Colour marking and notation on recordings to easily identify good calls, complaints etc.
  • Options to record mobile phone calls, including a new eSIM solution.

Optional extras include:

  • Agent Evaluation to score calls based on pre-set criteria, ideal for call and contact centre training.
  • Call Statistics and Wallboards to view the overall company and employee activity easily.
  • Word and phrase spotting with transcription to find interactions of interest, rapidly saving time and cutting costs.

Vidicode UK is not a one-trick pony, though. In addition, Apresa offers a range of single-desk software, removable memory card and hard disc recording solutions aimed at the SME plug-and-play market. Our solutions cater to diverse customer and reseller requirements, expanding from a single extension to multiple lines, extensions, or sites and bespoke customer and OEM requests.

Existing partners have enjoyed great success supplying a broad spectrum of customers including, car dealerships, lone worker companies, NHS, health centres, financial, investment and insurance, market research and many more.

With Vidicode UK as a strategic ally, It and telecoms resellers can navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape while boosting their customers' business performance and success. We are delighted to talk to resellers or OEM developers who want to join our growing band of partners to further their sales, installation and support opportunities. 

Last week Everton Stuart covered Vidicode UK's new eSIM-based mobile call recording solution with mobile billing platform. To find out more, visit https://vidicodeuk.com/mobile-phone-call-recording/.