Clearing the path

Michael Quince, vice president of channel sales, 8x8, explains how the company is doubling down on partner focus with Elevate Cloud Compass

As we reflect on 2023 and look forward to 2024, the Channel team here at 8x8 has been hard at work envisioning what it means to “double down” in our commitment to our VAR and wholesale partners.

It’s no secret that the world of business communications is evolving at warp speed – so, how could we evangelize 8x8’s incredible solutions for Contact Center and UC while also demonstrating a continued investment in our partners?

For current and prospective 8x8 partners, we spend a lot of time telling you about 8x8’s Elevate Partner Program. But really, what does that mean for those partners still evaluating who they can trust to partner with when they’re already working so hard to grow their business?

For 8x8, we’re committed to providing our channel partners a true, mutual partnership—and they’re going to find that with 8x8 Elevate Cloud Compass. Cloud Compass is a hands-on, white-glove service 8x8 offers to all 8x8 Elevate partners. The ideal route-to-market for our VAR/wholesale partners, Cloud Compass is built specifically to help you maximize CCaaS and UCaaS revenues while clearing your path to better profitability and new opportunities.

Here’s what I think makes 8x8 Elevate Cloud Compass so unique:

  • 8x8 provides no-cost enablement, with hand-in-hand consulting and a holistic approach to growing your business. What this means: from day one, we’re going to invest in your growth and success.
  • 8x8 helps determine a customized onboarding path and growth strategy that’s as unique as your business.
  • 8x8’s broad portfolio of solutions is designed to help you take advantage of new markets and opportunities, growing your customer base and helping you make more money.
  • Our dedicated COE, SE and AE teams are here to advise you on driving business forward while giving you total ownership of the customer relationship - in other words, you can expect all the support you need, without interference in the relationships you’re working hard to build.
  • 8x8 provides cross-selling support across contact center and CCaaS, as well as UCaaS - helping you to grow your business faster, across multiple markets.
  • We include exclusive SPIFFs and promotions to help incentivize and reward your hard work and partnership.

When 8x8 Elevate launched, we knew we wanted to build something that was partner-focused, based on the direct feedback and needs we heard from you. With Cloud Compass, we’re focusing even more on the individual partner needs that make each of you so unique and so valuable to 8x8.

If you’re ready to take advantage of all the benefits offered by this deep focus, consultative support, personalized (and no-cost!) enablement, and the dedicated teams you can rely on to help you grow your business communications revenue, let’s start climbing together.

Learn more today about this new 8x8 service for Elevate partners, or reach out to your Channel Account Manager today to learn how you can get on the personalized path to success with Cloud Compass.