Making the first sale simple

Elizabeth Sparrow, founder, Blabbermouth Marketing, explains how artificial intelligence can help enhance reseller sales journeys.

As we move into 2024, the biggest opportunities for resellers to enhance their sales journeys lie in how they utilise automation and AI-generated content to optimise available resources, while simultaneously enhancing the lead nurturing process.

But the wheel doesn’t need reinventing… AI is perfectly placed to deal with chatbot enquiries and even create simple email replies, via the CRM, to ensure leads are responded to in a timely manner and don’t go cold.


Periodic touch bases can help keep brands in their leads’ minds. These are ideal to be handed over to automated workflows.
Success at the MQL stage stems from targeted messaging that speaks to individual challenges. Therefore, it’s vital that messaging is personalised to their buying behaviour and where they are in the buying journey.

For example, there’s no point in sending a case study on connectivity when a lead has been researching contact centre solutions and booked a demo!

However, channel sales will always be driven by personal connections and resellers still need to build rapport and trust, emphasising the human touch that many consider a key USP. Freeing the sales team’s time through automation means they can focus more on relationship building at the SQL stage, with a smooth handover complete with insights gained through the automated messaging.

Long-term relationships

Strategic planning and analytical skills will become more sought-after, as resellers aiming to win sales from medium-to-large enterprises look for sales scalpels, as opposed to sledgehammers. Sellers that leverage metrics like lead scoring and combine those data-driven insights with their hands-on experience, to maximise sales success and efficiently nurture leads at scale.

For SMBs, on the other hand, many end customers are searching for the same simplified ordering journeys they find in their consumer lives; a primarily digital sales journey online that’s more transactional than transformational.

Again, building rapport after that first transaction to surface upsell opportunities and forge long-term relationships is vital. But, before that, resellers need to make that first sale simple and easy to get a foot in the door!