Mastering call recording: The art of pre-sales planning for resellers

Everton Stuart, MD, Vidicode UK, shares a guide to effortless customer fact-finding and implementation.

In today's business landscape, call recording has become an indispensable tool across many industries. From improving service quality to maintaining compliance standards and gaining valuable insights, organisations recognise the value of implementing an effective call recording solution.

With numerous options available, selecting the ideal system requires IT and Telecoms resellers to ask the right questions of the right people within the organisation.

Engaging with key individuals, such as the IT manager is crucial to kickstart the process. This initial contact allows for in-depth technical discussions starting with basics like line or extension types, PBX and handset make and model identifiers, recording storage and security.

Further considerations include, mobile phone recording, call statistics, whether payments are taken over the phone (for PCI DSS) and speech analytics requirements.  

This information is readily available for many resellers, but by confirming vital facts, Vidicode UK can provide an initial quote tailored to the organisation's specific requirements. 

While an IT manager might be satisfied that they've covered all bases, involving various users and stakeholders in any ongoing discussions or meetings is essential. Adopting a collaborative approach ensures that the final decision aligns with the organisation's main objectives and caters to the specific needs of individuals and their departments. 

Creating an environment of support and cooperation is the cornerstone of a successful call recording system implementation. To achieve this, considering key factors is essential:

Diverse perspectives and requirements

Each stakeholder group brings unique perspectives, experiences, and requirements. Compliance managers may prioritise compliance and security; team leaders may emphasise productivity and performance monitoring, and human resources may focus on employee well-being and training needs.

By involving all stakeholders, you comprehensively understand the organisation's needs, ensuring that the chosen call recording solution caters to diverse priorities.

Enhancing user adoption

When stakeholders are involved in decision-making, they develop a sense of ownership and buy-in towards the selected call recording solution. This sense of involvement fosters a positive attitude among employees, team leaders, and managers, increasing the likelihood of seamless adoption and successful integration into daily operations.

Stakeholders are more likely to support and champion the solution if they feel their requirements were met during the selection process.

Identifying unforeseen challenges

Involving all stakeholders helps identify potential challenges that might arise during the implementation of the call recording system. Each group may provide insights into how the solution could impact their workflows and daily tasks.

By addressing these concerns early in the decision-making process, the organisation can proactively plan for mitigations, reduce resistance, and optimise the overall implementation process.

Ensuring compliance and ethical considerations

Stakeholders may have varying concerns regarding data privacy, legal compliance, and ethical considerations associated with call recording.

Involving all relevant parties ensures that the chosen solution adheres to industry regulations, data protection laws, and internal ethical guidelines. This minimises non-compliance risk and potential legal issues, protecting the organisation's reputation and credibility.

Maximising ROI and cost-effectiveness

By involving all stakeholders, you can assess the value proposition of the call recording solution from different perspectives. This evaluation helps with understanding the potential return on investment (ROI) and the long-term cost-effectiveness of the selected solution. Thorough analysis guarantees that the chosen system delivers the desired outcomes and justifies the investment, a common challenge in the sales process.

Adaptability: collaboration at its best – in-person or virtual! 

Partners frequently entrust their call recording opportunities directly to Vidicode UK to ensure precise quoting and seamless implementation.

Whether we engage directly with the end customer or participate in joint reseller visits or video calls, we pride ourselves on our flexible approach, providing comprehensive assistance with fact-finding, quotes, installations, and maintenance support.

Our ultimate goal is to empower our partners to secure more valuable, profitable sales with minimal hassle!

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