The power of voice engagement analytics

Akixi explains how UCaaS service providers can stand out from the crowd with the power of voice engagement analytics

In this fast-paced digital era, modern businesses are constantly looking to enhance their customer touchpoints and deliver exceptional customer experience and one of those key touchpoints is voice.

Voice remains the preferred channel for customer interactions, with 73.1 per cent of all interactions involving voice either initially or as an escalation from digital channels.

In an ever-crowded market, UCaaS service providers are looking to enhance their voice portfolio to truly meet their customer needs, who continue to prioritise voice as a critical customer engagement channel:

  • 39 per cent of businesses stated they will never eliminate voice from their communication channels
  • Approximately 38 per cent of SMB owners are actively seeking ways to enhance internal efficiency and streamline workflows
  • 34 per cent of organisations have experienced an increase in call duration as they need to handle increasingly complex issues

Akixi has a long history of partnering with UcaaS service providers, offering a range of value-added insight and call reporting services which have been attached to UCaaS platforms.

By utilising Akixi engagement analytics, Akixi service provider partners can address these points through enhanced service packages, and in doing so, can raise ARPU by as much as 20 per cent by justifying price points in premium UCaaS service packages.

In this article, we will explore some of the ways our partners are leveraging Akixi engagement analytics within a UCaaS offering:.

Enhancing customer interactions

By incorporating Akixi, partners can optimise voice interactions, by understanding metrics from voice touchpoints and overall customer journey.

This results in an ability to improve customer experiences and operational efficiencies from a deeper understanding of real-world engagement trends. This ultimately results in best business practice.

Improving internal efficiency and workflows

Optimising customer service, task processes, and collaboration, empowers business growth. Efficient resource utilisation and maximising performance in a competitive landscape, are key priorities for small and distributed business owners.

This is where service providers can add value with Akixi in surfacing real-time metrics, which dramatically aids the understanding of voice-based business activity at any given time. The information provides the ability to streamline processes and resources to meet exact requirements of the customer base.

Tailoring services to industry-specific needs

Voice interactions have shown substantial growth in sectors such as utilities, entertainment, hospitality, and financial services. UCaaS service providers that partner with Akixi, can leverage voice analytics to cater to the unique requirements of these industries, fostering deeper learning.

By understanding the specific pain points and challenges faced by businesses in these sectors, Akixi enabled service providers can develop verticalised and targeted solutions, that address customer needs on a far more engaging level as a key differentiator.

Amplifying digital channel success

While voice interactions continue to dominate, midsize companies have excelled in utilising digital channels effectively. Digital interactions have witnessed significant growth in utilities, hospitality, entertainment, and high-tech industries.

By offering Akixi, UCaaS service providers can help businesses maximise the full potential of their digital channels. Metrics driven voice channel insights enable organisations to optimise their digital interactions based on the more effective use of the channel, enhancing customer engagement by using digital in the right way, leading to improved throughput, quality of service and brand engagement.

Gaining a competitive edge

UCaaS service providers differentiate their portfolio with Akixi and stand out from competitors. A key feature of Akixi is uncovering valuable insights into missed calls, which are of course missed revenue opportunities.

By empowering businesses to understand the calls they may have overlooked and lost revenue on, potential areas of improvement can be made. This information is invaluable in enhancing customer services and optimising operational efficiency and income.

Improving call experience

Akixi empowers UCaaS service providers to enable businesses to gain meaningful insight into things like call duration, handling, sentiment and identify trends that make operational differences for best business efficiency and customer satisfaction. A

kixi identifies these real-time trends, allowing for proactive enhancement of the root causes, making the customer experience better. This not only improves overall call quality, but it also enhances throughput efficiency as a revenue generator.

Futureproofing services

Despite the growing popularity of digital channels, voice interactions remain crucial for closer brand value and the all-important human touch. By offering voice metrics, UCaaS service providers that utilise Akixi, futureproof their service offering, addressing the evolving needs of their customers.

Akixi provides valuable call insight, that can be leveraged to continuously improve voice-based interactions, always leading to the consistent delivery of exceptional customer experience, across all industries.

SaaS voice metrics

Akixi products such as Business Insights and Call Center Reporting, present a compelling opportunity for engaged UCaaS service providers to differentiate their portfolio and outshine their competitors.

By offering Akixi, UCaaS service providers enable businesses to enhance customer touchpoints, tailor service to industry-specific needs, amplify digital channel success, and gain a competitive edge with better and unified customer experience.

By harnessing the power of voice, UCaaS service providers can unlock a new value layer driven from operational efficiency, customer experience, brand loyalty, and ultimately the business success of their customers.

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