Fuelling growth with customer experience

There is a sense of optimism in the channel as we see new opportunities for growth but what’s driving this change?

An on-demand webinar with 8x8 and Cavell explains how traditional UC and telco revenue and margins are being squeezed but there is an ever-growing focus on customer experience (CX) that is no longer only resigned to a formal call centre environment.

You can watch the webinar here.

As you’ll find out, the spotlight on CX doesn’t mean that traditional telco is dead. There is a huge market opportunity for partners to add value by combining telephony enablement with CX solutions.

Partners who are able to provide a full range of communications solutions are best suited to meet their customer needs.

During the webinar, Chris Angus, vice president, contact centre engagement, 8x8, and Patrick Watson, head of research, Cavell, share their insights on how channel partners can pivot to provide CX solutions and services as a key priority.

They also discuss how choosing the right vendor partners can help you succeed while balancing your revenue streams.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  1. Market trends and opportunities for partners supported by Cavell research.
  2. How to pivot to CX services and solutions.
  3. How to find new revenue streams, such as by including informal contact centre opportunities.
  4. Identifying add-on revenue streams including AI and automation.
  5. New opportunities for partners to protect traditional telco revenues streams and support their customer base.

Watch the webinar on-demand now.