Increase your business valuation with Candio

Driving up your business valuation is essential for any company, regardless of if you are thinking of selling or not. With this in mind, Candio has presented a webinar with Comms Business that explores how to increase your business valuation.

Tom Chedham, business development manager, Candio, shares how the company has helped 18 partners over the last 12 months to add just under £6.5m to their business valuations, and all of it through a recurring revenue stream.

The webinar is available here.

As you’ll find out, Candio’s propositions are all white-labelled and enable an end customer’s digital transformation via digital mediums. Regardless of their current digital capability, each service Candio offers will enhance their digital footprint one way or another. Web Listings to help them be found, Website Optimiser to ensure their website is performing at its best and their latest service, SafeWeb to ensure they are secure online.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  1. How to increase their business valuation
  2. The impact recurring revenue has on business valuation
  3. How to increase their recurring revenue with Candio
  4. How Candio can help improve customer loyalty
  5. The impact Candio services will have on their end-customers.

View the webinar here.