Tackling the challenges triggered by tech shifts

We are undergoing several technology shifts – with copper transitioning to fibre, MPLS to SD-WAN, and on-premise to multi-cloud. This is adding layers of complexity to IT organisations.

With this in mind, a webinar with Tangoe explores why this has led to the end of single vendor solutions.

During the webinar, Sophie Le Reste, managing director, EMEA, Tangoe, explains how IT teams can navigate the new challenges that go hand-in-hand with businesses deploying new technologies.

You can watch the webinar on-demand here.

Le Reste discusses a 2022 Vanson Bourne survey of 200 UK IT leaders that found 85 per cent of IT departments were being pressured to deliver more with less. What’s more, they believed they could save 21 per cent of their IT budget by leveraging an IT expense management (ITEM) platform.

Tangoe provides ITEM software and manages over $34 billion in expenses for organisations globally, with companies like Rolls Royce and Informa partnering with the company to save millions.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  1. What is an ITEM solution and how it will help with new technology trends.
  2. How organisations can optimise their assets with AI-powered software.
  3. How much enterprises typically save – hard and soft dollars, with and ITEM solution.
  4. Why technology lifecycle management solutions are needed to remain competitive.
  5. How adding Tangoe to your portfolio of solutions with yield you more commissions and more loyal clients.

Watch the webinar now.