The big fibre opportunity

The copper switch off is a once-in-a-generation change for this area of communications that is fast approaching.

With this in mind, an on-demand webinar with ITS Technology Group, explores why this is creating opportunities, but also presents challenges in explaining benefits to customers.

This is because fibre versus copper and FTTC is not comparing apples with apples. While fibre can cost more, the benefits vastly outweigh the cost.

The webinar can be watched here.

Phillip Lee, head of channel sales, ITS Technology Group, explains why it is important to take action now to educate end users on the merits of fibre and its virtually limitless potential, which needs to be seen to be believed and is no comparison to FTTC.

One only has to look at how property listings on Rightmove now include broadband speeds to understand how important this area is becoming but integrators must also be alive to the possibility that attitudes may be biased by poor broadband experiences at home.

In this webinar attendees will learn:

  • The key drivers for high-quality full fibre from end-users – including data explosion, pent up demand, cloud computing and automation
  • Why reliability and productivity are often huge game-changers for customers
  • Why many businesses are making do with services that don’t support the tech they want to use
  • How full fibre can give time back to businesses that is currently being wasted due to slow connectivity

Watch the webinar now.