Unlocking your true business value

Join our on-demand webinar with Venture Corporate Finance to explore the relationship between your team and the value of your business.

Gary Smith, a business advisor with 15 years of corporate finance experience, and Alia Coster, a highly respected communication coach and a senior business owner, explain how to enable your workforce so the value of your business is secured.

The webinar is available on-demand here.

In the webinar, our experts reveal the ways in which the people management has changed in the shift from of working in the office to working at home and value these dynamics have in any business acquisition process. They answer questions including: Is home working coming to an end with many large corporates signalling an end this year to home working? What value do buyers place on your people and your working culture?

Attendees will learn:

  • Key challenges to overcome and handle within your changing working environment.
  • Delivering an environment where homeworking is about connecting rather than communicating.
  • Managing effective solutions to enable your workforce
  • If you are looking to exit your business what value both positively and negatively will this place on your business and its value
  • The impact your people will play in an acquisition

Watch the webinar now.