Asus M530w

1 min read Networks & Network Services
In order to provide business users with the mobility and the versatility of a mobile office, ASUS has designed the new ASUS M530w Smart Phone.
Packed with innovative features, the ASUS M530w allows users to send and receive messages instantly anywhere – providing vital information for users to make important and informed business decisions.

The ASUS M530w is equipped with high-speed transfer capabilities to provide users with a host of multimedia benefits. With the 3G Video Phone, users can talk to anyone face to face, and 3G broadband makes downloading music, MV and other video and music programs a breeze. It is also able to utilize wireless connections via 802.11 b/g for high speed data transfers for total mobility. In addition, built-in Bluetooth technology seamlessly interfaces with other Bluetooth devices and provides freedom of movement without the hassle of wires.

The built-in Business Card Recognition feature allows users to use the ASUS M530w’s 2.0 Mega Pixel Auto-Macro camera to capture the details of a business card and avoid tediously keying in the data into the contacts book.

Expansys have also launched an exclusive data tariff called ‘eXpansys Smartphone Connect by T-Mobile’ for £15 per month – for those users browsing the web and collecting emails regularly on their smartphone.
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