Dealers Helping Themselves

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Fonehouse announces its new “Partner Programme” aimed at existing mobile phone retailers and new entrants whom can now take advantage of all the marketing expertise of Fonehouse.

Fonehouse has been established on the High Street for 14 years now and has experienced and survived the highs and lows that this ever changing industry has thrown up.

Clive Bayley [CEO] says, “We want to help independents compete with the big boys, we are in a very strong position at the moment and we’re looking to share that strength.”

“There has been a lot of shake out in the industry this year, distribution is severely challenged, independents may not prosper or even survive as they are. We are the solution for them.”

“The key to our business is giving the networks what they want, we have a retention model that works! The networks are happy, the customers are happy and we remain successful and ride out industry change.”

Fonehouse have chosen independent dealer Dan Schama to help them roll out the programme, Schama’s store in Northwood has been a Fonehouse pilot store since November “The main difference has been that I sell more phones” says Schama.

“Our signage brings people in, we have the hottest stock before anyone else, the network’s no longer steal my customers as we have a different upgrade process. I’ve enjoyed working with Fonehouse so much that I have joined to recruit new partners.”

Fonehouse have beefed up their team to help manage all the new stores. Over the last 6
months, Stuart Ferguson has joined them from Chitter Chatter as ‘Head of Retail’. Keith Lewis as Operations Consultant, formally Head of Logistics at T-Mobile International. Lee Gordon as Financial Controller, Andy Lockwood formerly of Hugh Symons has joined to drive the partner programme forward as the Business Development Manager.

Fonehouse is inundated with new enquires, they currently have 17 of their own retail stores and 7 active partners, and a further 10 in the pipeline. “We want to attract the best of the best to join and prosper with us, whether you’re an existing dealership or an experienced manager looking to start your own business we want to welcome you on board.” Clive Bayley, CEO.

Fonehouse has a caring profile with its “Feel good” programme, promoting sustainable and Ethical initiatives giving back to local community and working with charities has been a success and is continuing this year.

New Partners can contact Dan Schama on 07956 597 851 or info@fonehouse.co.uk if they would like more information.