Voda Flat Rate BB

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Vodafone is introducing three new price plans for wireless PC and laptop connectivity from July 2nd. New Mobile Broadband drops prices to £25 per month flat rate access, 24 hour sessions at £8.50 and doubles data for international travellers.
Mobile Broadband offers flat rate monthly access at £25 so customers can enjoy the freedom of being connected all over the UK (over 80% population coverage) to Vodafone’s 3G broadband network. These customers can also enjoy a 24 hour flat rate when connecting abroad in selected countries for just £8.50 per session.

These 24 hour sessions are now also available on home soil for occasional users or those who’d like to try the technology without committing to ongoing regular payments. Customers can sign a contract and pay nothing until they chose to connect for a 24 hour session.

For the extensive business traveller there’s Mobile Broadband Travel. For a flat rate of £95 per month, customers can benefit from bill predictability and 200MB on any network where Vodafone UK has a data roaming agreement**.

“3G broadband is a cornerstone of Vodafone UK's wider communications offering and a key part of our strategy to meet the total communications needs of any business,” comments Kyle Whitehill, Director of the Enterprise Business Unit, Vodafone UK. “Vodafone has long been the market leader in 3G broadband and as such has a responsibility to the customer to continually harness this insight to innovate and improve our Mobile Connect service. These ground-breaking price plans offer customers ever more compelling reasons to choose Vodafone and reinforce the innovative simplicity of the service, firmly underlining Vodafone’s leading position in the 3G broadband arena.”